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+91 93171 93171
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Q: What are the bus departure timings?
A: We have a 24 hour departure schedule with an average gap of 1 hour to ensure round the clock services
Q: What time is the first and last departure?
A: Indo Canadian services extend 24 by 7 for your convenience
Q: What is the exact departure location at airport?
A: IGI Terminal 3, Arrivals, opp Gate no 6, Pillar 16
Q: Will the bus depart on time from Jalandhar?
A: Our endeavor is on-time departure everytime
Q: What time bus reaches destination?
A: With average Travel time 8 hrs, as per your departure time
Q: What is the total travel time?
A: Average 8 hours, including 2 restaurant/refreshment stops enroute
Q: Where are the passengers dropped at IGI Airport, Delhi?
A: IGI Terminal 3, Arrivals, opp Gate no 6, Pillar 16
Q: How early should a passenger report at the pick-up location?
A: 30 minutes before your scheduled departure
Q: Where will the bus stop en-route and for how long?
A: 2 stops enroute for average 30 minutes per stop
Q: Can one travel with a pet on board?
A: No
Q: How much luggage is allowed per ticket?
A: 2 International travel check in bags+1 cabin bag+purse/laptop bag
Q: Can one carry extra luggage?
A: Yes, on chargeable basis
Q: Is there a charge for extra luggage?
A: Cost of 1 additional passenger ticket
Q: Are baggage tags or any other form of identification placed on each bag?
A: Yes
Q: If a passenger forgets his luggage, how can he/she retrieve it?
A: Contact our Call center at +91 97319731, or visit our nearest Lounge
Q: What is the back-up facility in case of breakdown midway?
A: Fastest and nearest back up options as per availability at the time of breakdown
Q: Can one pay at Booking counter at Jalandhar for a passenger traveling fro?m Airport
A: Yes, preferably in advance
Q: What are the payment options at booking office and at airport?
A: We accept Card/Online/Wallet and Cash payments
Q: Do you accept card/foreign currency payment at Airport?
A: Yes, in exceptional cases wherein other alternative options have been exhausted
Q: Do you have phone booking/blocking facility?
A: No
Q: For online bookings, do we get e-ticket on email or SMS?
A: Yes, you will receive e-ticket on mail and SMS
Q: Will the bus halt for emergency, extra washroom stops on demand?
A: Yes, within reasonable time-limits and subject to nature of emergency, keeping in mind timely arrival at airport for all passengers to take their flight
Q: In case of flight delay, can we reschedule the ticket as per new flight timings?
A: Please refer Cancellation and rescheduling Policy
Q: Will the bus wait for a passenger at airport if flight is delayed?
A: We have 24 by 7 departures at airport and next available bus will be provided to the passenger with advance booking, within 24 hour window from arrival time provided at the time of booking
Q: If flight/trip is cancelled, does one get full refund for cancelling the ticket?
A: Kindly refere cancellation and refund policy
Q: Will the bus wait if passenger is late at Jalandhar?
A: Maximum 5 minutes, keeping in mind timely arrival for all other passengers to take their onward flights
Q: If a passenger misses his bus at Jalandhar, can he travel by the next availabl?e bus
A: Yes, after purchasing fresh ticket for next scheduled departure, subject to availability
Q: If a passenger misses his bus at Airport, can he travel by the next available bus?
A: Yes, subject to availability
Q: Is there any discount for frequent travellers or senior citizens, and/or grou?p/bulk bookingsA: div> Loyalty program available for repeat passengers after registration on the Indo-Canadian App
Q: Is there any discount for advance booking?
A: Available only for registered passengers on the Indo-Canadian App
Q: Will there be complimentary water on board?
A: Yes, Bottled Mineral water
Q: Will be getting meals/snacks on board?
A: Yes, on the First, Gold And Business Class Sleeper buses
Q: What are the contents of the meal box?
A: Dry, Packaged snacks
Q: Is the meal box complimentary or has to be paid for?
A: It is complimentary
Q: Is there complimentary wi-fi on board?
A: Yes, Subject to network quality en-route
Q: Will your provide juices and tea on board?
A: Complimentary Juice provided on First and Gold Class seats
Q: Does every seat have individual LED screen?
A: Yes, on all class of buses, except for Deluxe Class
Q: What type of movies are available on the screen?
A: Hindi and Punjabi movie and entertainment related content